Engraved Hotel Pricing Plaques

Displaying prices in a location will save you a set of explanations. And if this display is done elegantly, you will definitely stand out.

Tariff panels are made to order, with the logo, size and number of rails desired.

Customization is done by mechanical or laser engraving, depending on the material. The design and color is your choice, and we offer you the consulting, layout and desired product.

ABS is a special plastic for engraving and comes in a variety of colors.

PMMA is a plastic material similar to plexiglass available on gold and silver with black engraving.

Aluminum alloy is available in several colors with the color of the engraving being silver.

ABS: 0.5mm, 1.5mm


PMMA: 3mm

BRASS: 1mm (other thicknesses on request)

ALUMINUM: 1mm (other thicknesses on request)

Best quality and promptitude
We guarantee the quality of the products and services offered by us due to the experience and the professional, state of the art, equipment we use. We use only the highest quality materials, tested and recommended.